Well-shaped bodies all over


I am in Brazil for a two day business trip. On the way back to the airport in Rio de Janeiro, I ask the driver to stop at the most famous beach in the world: Copacabana. I have something I must do

My two colleagues seem to believe I have gone crazy when I start to change into shorts and sneakers in the backseat of the car which has now stopped near the Copacabana beach. I tell them this is something I simply have to do, so no discussion please. Finally they reluctantly accept and agree to wait.

I speed out of the car and start to run along this wide, beautiful and famous beach, a beach full of tanned and well-shaped bodies, most of whom belong to young local women it seems. But also some men are present, also them blessed with perfect Baywatch-bodies as they jog easily along the beach, just as I try to do. I enjoy the situation so much I almost cry out loud. Time is forgotten. So are my two colleagues and the driver who are all waiting for me. Blue water, white beach, fantastic panorama, beautiful people with well-trained bodies all around me. I feel like in a movie. Or like the hamburger chain people say “i’m lovin’ it”.

Jogging at the Copacabana Beach. A great experience !


This is indeed a great experience, and it makes it a long way up on my “Top 10 List” of great jogging experiences. After almost an hour I return to the car and to my dear patient colleagues, overwhelmed and state; “Hi guys, thanks for waiting, I am ready to go to the airport now”.

Rio de Janeiro


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