Sweating on the Red Square


Today, I will have a bit spare time here in Moscow before we sign a big contract this afternoon, followed by an extensive dinner. So I decide for some early morning exercising in central Moscow. I have been here numerous times before, but jogging in the streets of Moscow is not popular, mainly due to the heavy car traffic, and I never did it so far. But today I want to finally include the Kremlin and the Red Square in my collection of famous places visited by jogging.

It is a chilly April morning when I leave the hotel at 7 a.m. and direct my course towards the Kremlin. Streets without cars are rare in Moscow, so I am glad I can follow the pedestrian street Arbat Street for the first one or two kilometres. It is almost deserted, and shops and restaurants are closed. Near Arbatskaya Station the streets become busier by pedestrians on their way to work.

Route from Hotel Lotte to Kremlin and Red Square

After 15-20 minutes I see the impressive red wall surrounding the Kremlin. At the Kremlin Museum, a military parade prepare themselves for some show. I follow the famous red brick wall down to the Moscow River, and run along Kremlevskaya Street, where car traffic is now indeed heavy. So I stay safely on the pavement. It seems I am the only jogger in central Moscow this morning and I greatly enjoy this run around the Kremlin, despite of curious looks from some Muscovites.

After about 5km I arrive my final target, the Red Square where I first run past the beautiful St. Basil’s Cathedral in the same moment the first sun rays touch it, making the many colours appear very bright and clear. Thereafter, I pass the Lenin’s Mausoleum. The Mausoleum seems to be closed for visitors, but I don’t mind, as I am here to enjoy the atmosphere.

st Basils
St. Basil’s Cathedral at the Red Square

Only very few visitors walk on the Red Square so early. I cross the Red Square till the northern end in steady pace, then turn around and stop, enjoying the view of the huge red Kremlin wall at the right, and the St. Basil’s Cathedral in front of me. It is just amazing and breath-taking.

After the short break, I follow the same route I came back to the hotel, arrive around 8 a.m. and then enjoy a fantastic Russian breakfast buffet and Russian hospitality together with my colleagues. What an awesome way to start a business day!