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Thurid & Trond

Bild Thurid und Trond

Doing the Nevsky Prospekt


It is mid-June, the season of the famous “white nights” in St.Petersburg. The sun has already been up for some hours, and there is not a cloud to be seen in the sky. It is a perfect morning for a run, so I have decided to “do” the main street of St.Petersburg, the Nevsky Prospekt today before all the tourist wake up and jam the streets. Continue reading →

Sweating on the Red Square


Today, I will have a bit spare time here in Moscow before we sign a big contract this afternoon, followed by an extensive dinner. So I decide for some early morning exercising in central Moscow. I have been here numerous times before, but jogging in the streets of Moscow is not popular, mainly due to the heavy car traffic, and I never did it so far. But today I want to finally include the Kremlin and the Red Square in my collection of famous places visited by jogging. Continue reading →

Fishing in southern Norway

IMGP0832 (2)

Over the nine last summers, my two teenage sons and I have been cultivating a much beloved tradition we call „the boys week“ which takes place in southern Norway. During that week, we focus on three things only: fishing, fishing and fishing. That means we fish a lot, as well in rivers, in lakes and in the sea. Here are some advices for people who want to catch their own fish in Norway, and how to prepare it in a delicious way. Continue reading →