I admit it. I am a collector. Not a collector of stamps and coins though, and not a collector of beer cans nor anything else you would put in the shelves and which accumulates dust over time. What I collect are jogging experiences. And that preferably collected from famous or unusual locations around the world. This collection-mania is the perfect hobby for me as I do travel a lot for business, and I can easily conduct my hobby wherever I want. Jogging requires no tedious planning, just packing an extra pair of shoes and shorts. It can be executed almost everywhere and at any time. It keeps me in shape, and I need no shelves nor space to display my collection. And perhaps the most positive side effect: I see much more of the locations I visit than I would when just driving in a taxi between the meeting rooms, hotels and the airport.

I have been jogging in numerous countries around the world. On beautiful beaches in Kuantan/Malaysia, trough magnificent landscapes in Canada, through dangerous forests with wild dogs near Teheran/Iran, around the Sidney opera in Australia, through the steaming hot city of Abu Dhabi, around the Imperial Palace in the center of Tokyo, around the White House in Washington DC and, due to limited space, even on the roof of a skyscraper in Singapore. And many more places. Each of these runs are experiences which have their individual location in my memory. To me, jogging is simply the best, the fastest, the healthiest and the most memorizing way to explore a new location.

The blogs you will find here describe some my favorite experiences as a jogger, either during a business trip between meetings or when I travel purely for pleasure together with my wife Thurid.